Sunday, November 14, 2010

They said that hell's not hot

Psychiatrist increased my dose of Abilify because I'm still psychotic. Going to go to the Early Psychosis Program on Thursday with asshole doctor who thinks all your problems will be solved if you get a boyfriend. Boys are disgusting, vile creatures, I don't want to go near one. Lovely!2&/

I don't fucking care. Everybody sucks. Losers.

45 calories a day. 35 calorie yogurt. 10 calorie salad. No MORE than 95 a day. Because I am HAPPY. No, because I need to lose weight. No shit. Oh and exercise 3 hours a day. It sucks that after ten minutes you start burning less calories. Fucking gym teacher, I'd be happier not knowing that. Oh well, hula hooping burns 60-80 calories in 10 minutes and I need to get better at it, so fuck

today, everybody died in my world

I am alone, so alone...

My therapist was born on HaLOWEen. I died on Halloween... Sunday is gloomy... I do it better in smaller amounts, thank you very much

my dearest Marilyn is ALIVE. She's a beautiful porcelain doll of mine, and she moves on her own. I love her. All my dolls are alive, they fell down in the night once and I freaked out and... Rats, I want rats. But my mom won't let me.

I love life!!! So beautiful and amazing and WONDERFUL. Not really, but life can be okay. Emilie Autumn is so sexy. I can't wait for February 15. If I were 18, I could make out with Veronica Varlow... Maybe with my mask I will look older. Corona Theatre Montreal Quebec plague rat soup

funny how things change.

Suicide, dead inside... Overdose, comatose... I don't know the lyrics... Suicide Commando! I cried for you.

I can't stop shaking... Wake up and stop shaking cause your just wasting time... But I can't... You probably could... No I couldn't... Shut UP

wonderland, I found WONDERLAND!!! Fuck yes

I kill myself in small amounts, we all do... We're all dying... Nobody dies of old age. Marilyn Manson agreed with me... I bet he wants to fuck Emilie Autumn... Who doesn't? But he's a loser. Emilie is so much better.

It was NOT a phase!!!! Fuck

fisk worn Alene DNA ANSI she ska

I'm going to go kill myself again

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