Monday, February 7, 2011


Science Technology Art English Math is my shedule
last term there was this guy in my phys ed class who walked up to my sister and I and asked if we did drugs. We said yes, to see what he would say. He asked us what kind, we said marijuana. He said he could get us some drugs and we didn't respond. In January we had our gym exam and he asked us again if we did drugs, we said only on the weekend, he again offered to get us some drugs. He said acid was his favourite and that he would sell it to us. Now gym is over, but he's in my art class and he again offered to sell us drugs, this time we accepted, said we'd buy acid. The net day he found out we really didn't do drugs and said acid wasn't a good idea for our first time and we should try marijuana instead. He's hilarious. On the first day of school, my sister and I saw him and named him The Loner, but that proved unfitting when he talked to someone in gym class. Oh well. We didn't think he'd try to sell us drugs.

I am going to go to Wonderland on May 4, Alice's birthday. Lewis Carroll, oh how I love him. I'm reading his complete works at the moment and it makes me so happy. His story Bruno's Revenge already gave us the Key to Wonderland. What a lovely man, I wish he would have written letters to me when I was a child. Yes, I am going to Wonderland. WONDERLAND! I'll be just like sweet little Alice, my queen, my goddess, the dream-Alice!

And on top of that I'm going to an Emilie Autumn concert. I couldn't be more excited. Well I probably could but I'm a little stressed out right now about my schedule.

I saw a dietician, I can go vegan, eventually

my favourite song is Haifisch by Rammstein. Beauiful!! Depressing, wonderful, perfect, death!

I can't wait to go to Wonderland

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